bryn h.


About me: After winning a national championship on ESPN, I decided to retire my dance career of 18 years, to become a Barre + HIIT instructor in Minnesota (where I was born and raised). A few years later I moved to Boston without knowing a single soul – to continue finding my own. Whether I’m embracing the shake on [sweatlana] or doing life outside of the studio, my style is all about being leveling up and being fearless. What’s the worst thing that happens? You try something and don’t like it? You try something and fail? Who cares! You can say you did it all while growing in the process! So Boston, will you be meeting me under the blue lights?

Music I love right now: Don Diablo + Gryffin with a side of Drake + Ari Grande

Guilty pleasures: A good statement jacket + beethoven + crab rangoon

Inner rockstar: Morgan Stewart

Superpower: Creating spotify playlists for every mood

Favorite move to give you the shakes: Carriage lunge

"you've got to do something different, to feel something different"

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