dana d.


About Me: I found [solidcore] as a graduate student in PA (hail to Pitt!) and have been obsessed with this workout and community from day one. I was welcomed to MKE with open arms and am not sure which I enjoy more- pushing you as your coach or shaking on the machine next to you. As your coach, I promise to encourage you, support you, and hold you accountable as you create the strongest version of yourself!

Guilty Pleasure: Watching the price is right & drinking strong coffee

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Superpower: Crafting

Inner Rockstar: A mix of Ginger and Baby Spice

Favorite Move to Give You the Shakes: Carriage lunge! Catch me at 90 at least a few seconds before the hold starts

Outside of [solidcore]:  I’m a registered dietitian & believe all foods can fit in a healthy lifestyle

Instagram handle: @dana_derenne

"getting good at something starts with trying!"

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