grace c.


About me: I started as a client in 2018 and immediately fell in love with Solidcore. Before that I was very into weight lifting (and still am). After graduating from UVA in 2023, I hope to follow the dental career path while still continuing my passion for fitness. You can always catch me rewatching my favorite movies or traveling the world. If you don’t see me, I am probably in bed watching TikToks…

Guilty Pleasure: My skincare routine + getting my nails done

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Sun, Libra Moon, Leo Rising

Superpower: Reciting movies word for word

Favorite [solidcore] move to give you the shakes: Bulgarian Split Squat

Extra, Extra: If you have a dog or babies please show me pictures so I can have increased serotonin

Instagram handle: @grace_chang00

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