hannah k.

About me:

I grew up north of Boston and now live in the North End! I found my love for group fitness in high school after growing up doing various sports. To me, fitness is so much more than a workout. I strive to create an environment that encourages clients to be under the blue lights for the feeling they get inside of themselves, rather than just the physical benefits alone. My goal is to motivate each individual to reach their 100% effort, no matter what that looks like on any given day.


San Diego, California

Favorite [solidcore] exercise:

heavy squat

Guilty Pleasure:

Netflix Reality TV and Cheesy Romance Novels

Outside of [solidcore] you can find me:

You can either find me with a cup of tea and a romance book at 9pm, or strolling the lively streets of the North End eating lots of pasta and soaking up these years with my best friends.

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