juan z.

About me:

I’m Juan! Originally from Colombia but raised in the hustle and bustle of NYC, I’m a true jack-of-all-trades with a passion for a well-rounded lifestyle. When I’m not exploring the outdoors, discovering new coffee shops, or tackling exciting projects, you can find me dedicating time to my physical and mental wellbeing. I believe in the power of self-care and strive to maintain balance in all aspects of my life. Let’s conquer challenges together under the blue lights!

Favorite [solidcore] exercise:

Plank up/downs

Guilty Pleasure:

Anything Portos Bakery & Sweet Plantain Chips

Outside of [solidcore] you can find me: 

I am a passionate and adventurous soul, always on the move! Whether I’m dancing my little heart out, discovering new and cozy coffee shops, or exploring breathtaking hiking trails, I’m constantly seeking new experiences to keep my body and mind engaged.

Zodiac Sign:


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