kelly n.


About me: 

Born and raised in Northern VA. From a young age, being active was always a priority for me – I was always playing sports or running around with my friends! In college, I was a D1 Cheerleader at UVA both during undergrad and my grad year. I loved being able to continue to fill that athletics portion of my life, but still felt something was missing. The summer before my third year of college I had my first taste of group fitness… and its stuck with me since then. I have been a fitness instructor since 2019 and have loved every second being on the mic. There is something so powerful about being in a room full of people that want to push themselves to be better every second and every rep. [community] is EVERYTHING to me and that is what brought me to [solidcore]. You can expect a high-energy and motivating class, full of great music and lots of smiles along the way! Let’s do this ATX.

Favorite [solidcore] exercise:

Kneeling Bicep Pull

Guilty Pleasure:

Collecting trucker hats, sneakers, and binging netflix shows!

Outside of [solidcore] you can find me:

Trying out seasonal Trader Joe’s snacks, binging reality TV, online shopping, and trying to find the best street taco in town.

Zodiac Sign:

Leo Sun, Gemini Moon and Leo Rising

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