lauren l.


About me:  Born and raised in upstate New York and spent 9 years in Manhattan working in the health and wellness space. I have been teaching fitness for over 8 years and love a mix of Pilates, kettlebells and running. I recently moved to NOVA with my two little girls (#girlgang) and husband and love all the outdoor space ((especially the grass!)) that we missed in the city. I love anything involving a hike, pugs and adventures with friends. Coaching has been a highlight of my life and I love meeting new faces, pushing clients to levels they didnt think they could achieve and fostering a strong community!

Music I love right now:  Zack Brown Band

Guilty pleasure:  Sea salt dark chocolate covered pretzels

Superpower:  An abnormal amount of energy and pep in my step at 5am

Inner Rockstar:  Adele

Favorite move to give you the shakes:  Romanian DL Bulgarian SS combo

give yourself permission to be selfish these next 50 min and push to grow stronger physically and mentally

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