lindsey k.


About me: I’m a huge proponent for physical and mental health and I love that [solidcore] combines the two. [solidcore] gives you 50 minutes to truly focus on yourself and allow yourself to get physically and mentally stronger. I was hooked (and very sore) from the first class I took. I think the best recipe for a great fitness class is great music & an instructor who gets to know you and motivates you on an individual level. I think both can give you that extra push to take another rep, go a little slower, go a little lower. I promise to provide that to you.

Music I love right now: Throwbacks – always throwbacks!

Guilty pleasure: Chips & Salsa

Superpower: Mind Reading

Inner Rockstar: The Beatles

Spirit Animal: Lion

Favorite move to give you the shakes: Bungee

"nothing great ever came from staying in your comfort zone"

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