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About me:

I’ve been addicted to [solidcore] since my first class (thank you West End) and haven’t looked back since! I’m one of the founding coaches in LA, but began my [solidcore] journey in the DC area. I’m obsessed with The Weeknd, the Capitals and Russell Westbrook… and anything to do with rescue puppies (like my dog Tucker). In my class, we celebrate all wins, big and small. I’m here to push you past your boundaries, and remind you that you’re a bada$$ that can do anything you set your mind to. I’ve got you always!

Favorite [solidcore] exercise:

Heavy Deadlift

Guilty Pleasure:

California Chicken Cafe salads

Outside of [solidcore] you can find me:

Find me watching basketball & hockey, working out or drinking wine

Zodiac Sign:


Instagram handle:


"if you're shaking, it's working!"

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