meredith w.


About me:  Growing up, I was never that into fitness, it wasn’t until after I had my first son that working out became a part of my life. I love how strong and happy working out makes me feel, and I especially love setting a healthy example for my three kiddos. Pushup and planking contests happen regularly around here, maybe someday I’ll let my kids win. Turning 40 has given me more confidence than I’ve ever had and I’m so excited to start my [solidcore] adventure!

Guilty pleasure:  cheese (especially feta), tequila and reality TV.

Music I love right now:  Pop, 80s, anything upbeat with words I can understand.

Superpower:  I have an odd memory, I may forget a name, but I remember obscure details about people.

Inner rockstar:  Jem, from Jem and Holograms

Spirit Animal:  A blue heron

Favorite move to give you the shakes:  Straight arm crunches

"you don't get stronger by staying comfortable; so get uncomfortable and embrace it!”

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