noelle g.


About me:  Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, I grew up dancing until an injury stopped me right as I started college (yikes!). I’ve been a yoga teacher and full-time ICU nurse since the age of 22. I’m a bit outspoken both in and out of the studio! I have a sharp tongue and like to make people laugh. Always on the go! In my class, I keep things upbeat and will encourage you to push yourself a little further than you did the day before.

Music I love right now:  Anything that sounds good when you need that extra motivation. I take my playlists very seriously! In my class you’ll find anything from Chance the Rapper and Cardi to Pop Divas to Avicii and Galantis to Arizona and Years & Years. Oh, and the queen Ariana, of course. Whatever it takes to keep it movin’.

Guilty pleasure:  Double gin & tonics and YouTube vortexes of Harry Styles interviews.

Superpower:  Rapping Busta Rhymes’ entire verse in “Look At Me Now”

Inner Rockstar:  Lizzo

Favorite move to give you the shakes:  High Plank Extension or Split Squat Push

"when your mind starts telling your body it can't keep going, your body needs to start talking back."

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