talia l.


About me: Growing up as a competitive and then professional dancer I’ve always been really conscious of taking care of my body and keeping it strong. In my adult years as I transitioned from dancing into making fitness my full time career this became even more important to me. Finding workouts that changed my body and my clients bodies while keeping us safe and progressing was my new goal. [Solidcore] came into my life and did just that! Not only did it provide an intense, challenging and effective workout, it also showed me a fun and inclusive [community] overflowing with inspiration.

Music I love right now:  Anything Hip Hop & Rap – Volume up!

Guilty pleasure:  Charcuterie Boards

Superpower: Life of the party 😉

Inner Rockstar: Ariana Grande

Favorite move to give you the shakes:  Carriage lunges

remember why you walked through those doors today.

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