will t.


About Me: Hi [Team]! I’m originally from New Jersey & am a proud member of our fierce [community]! A certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and professional dancer, my goals are to provide you with all the shakes, sweat, and body appreciation during our time together. Oh, and expect a bumpin’ soundscore of disco, pop remixes, and get ready for a full-fledged dance party.

Music I love right now: I Feel Love – Donna Summer, Afrojack remix

Guilty pleasure: Having solo dance parties in the studio backroom to fellow Coach’s music while getting ready for my own classes.

Superpower: Being on the crowded MTA, standing squished in the middle of the car, and being able to support the mass of people from falling down when the trains quick stop thanks to being grounded & pure core strength. Thanks [solidcore]!

Inner rockstar: Robyn

Favorite move to give you the shakes: 3 words: Straight Leg Deadlifts

imagine like tyra banks is standing in the corner taking your headshot for season 5 of america's next top model: stand tall & show us how fierce you already are.