Abby Kerr


Originally from NEPA now living in LA. I studied Psychology at Penn State University (WE ARE!) before moving to the DC metro area where I discovered solidcore. I was a client for a little over a year before starting my coaching journey at the end of 2020, then moving into the recruiting position for Solidcore in 2023. I fell in love with Solidcore because it was the first workout I found that had me walking out of class loving and accepting my body for all the hard work it is capable of. Most of my life I had struggled to find a healthy relationship with exercise and Solidcore was the first workout to change that. I love how strong the workout makes me feel and the sense of community it strives to uphold. With that being said I’m proud to work for a company with strong core values around inclusivity and striving to be the strongest version of yourself. When I’m not working at Solidcore, I love going to EDM shows, hiking around LA, taking my dog to the beach, and DJing.