Eric Eichelberger

People Business Partner

Eric Eichelberger is a People Business Partner at [solidcore]. As a PBP, Eric is responsible for operational and strategic partnering with business leaders and teams across all [solidcore] studios. His HR career started in the hospitality industry. He has also consulted for a DEI SaaS startup and worked in the non-profit industry before joining [solidcore].

Eric is excited to bring his expertise and passion for all aspects of HR to [solidcore] and contribute to the organization’s continued success and growth. His aim is to continually create a safe space for all individuals to thrive in their uniqueness.

Eric’s passion for fitness started with running track in junior high school. Now, he loves playing tennis and running to keep himself active. He is excited to continue expanding his fitness journey with [solidcore].

In his free time, Eric enjoys anything that involves music. He is an opera singer and loves going to shows and concerts. Eric also enjoys traveling to experience new places.