Jayde Haugrose

Senior CX Specialist

Jayde is part of the founding Client Experience team at [solidcore] and is passionate about creating an environment that welcomes and accommodates every member of the [solidcore] community.

As a “social butterfly” Jayde thrives around people, making her part time job as a bartender the perfect Ying to her [solidcore] Yang. Growing up in rural ND, she played all sports available to her, which sparked her passion for fitness and teamwork. She studied fitness at Minot State University before starting her own personal training business, which lead her to [solidcore]. Her two dogs, Piper and Joey are the twinkle in her eye (or the pain in her [ ]ss, depending on the day.) If she’s not in the studio trying to sneak her playlists into everyone’s class, you can find Jayde listening to true crime podcasts, or at the farm riding horse and enjoying a cocktail on the porch with her family.