Liv Fanning

Legal Operations Manager

Originally from Washington, DC, Olivia decided to return to her hometown after graduating from New York University. Prior to joining the team, Olivia worked in commercial real estate sales, finance and marketing. While in college, she developed a passion for fitness, as its positive effects transferred into every aspect of her life. Desiring to pursue a career that would allow her to work in health and wellness, [solidcore] was the perfect fit. The energy, acceptance, and inspiration she felt while under the blue lights for the first time was unparalleled to any other fitness class she had tried.


Olivia would like to consider herself a happy hour connoisseur and loves to get a good sweat on while trying different workout classes around the area. Along with this, she is a true crime junkie and enjoys sewing bags and designing clothing in her free time. She is excited to be part of [solidcore] and aid in their mission to help individuals create the strongest version of themselves!