Nina Rodriguez


From the moment she could walk and talk, Nina knew she wanted to help others in any way she could; whether it be through lending an ear, guiding clients on their fitness journey, dispatching emergency services to the scene of a call, or most recently, overseeing staffing for [solidcore] studios in the NorthEast.

After her first class under the blue lights, she was reeled in not just by the workout itself but by how the company prioritizes inclusivity & diversity. Nina is thrilled to be in a position where she not only gets to spread the word of [solidcore] but also contribute to the company’s expansion of its all-star [team].

When she’s not recruiting or coaching clients on [sweatlana], you can find Nina working on her bachata footwork, 9-1-1 dispatching, acting in commercials, or spending time with her shih-poo, Bear.