Triana Brown

Head of Talent and Product Development

Triana is the Head of Talent and Product Development for [solidcore]. She designs the overall content and programming of new coach training. Working closely with the Field Talent Team, Triana trains and mentors Talent Managers. Together they create a fleet of top tier coaches. To ensure our talent continues to develop, She creates and executes continued education for existing coaches. Additionally, Triana spearheads the innovation behind our workout and is the lead programmer for [solidcore] on Equinox+.

It is the community of HQ employees, coaches and clients that drives her to strive for more. Triana’s [solidcore] peers consistently lift her up regardless if she is in class or going ham on her favorite food, donuts. Outside of [solidcore], Triana can be found having a sweat date with friends, obsessing over Formula 1 or jamming on a dance floor.